As teenager I listened to the radio waiting for that one song. I’d hit record as soon as it came on and would listen to it over and over again. The feeling you’ve found the best song ever. That’s the feeling I’m still looking for when I’m working on a song as a producer, arranger, guitarist or a combination of those roles. Check out the studio page to listen to a bunch of projects I worked on to get a taste of what I can do for you!

Tre Sheppard


“I love working with Eljakim on any sort of project. He’s clearly an outstanding musician and arranger, but it’s his commitment to the ‘song’ and to the blood, sweat and tears it takes to make an amazing record that really sets him apart. I hope I’m lucky enough to work with him on more amazing music.”

Jan Borger


“Eljakim knows what he wants to hear. He is precise in his goals and how to get there. In his work he tries to get his collaborators to accompany him reaching his goals, which can be challenging but rewarding. His suggestions and additions in productions are valuable and always full of musical meaning. He can lift a song to a higher level. I like his versatility and his curiosity.”

Rene de Vries


“As a producer and studio technician, I have worked with Eljakim on a variety of projects in the studio. Besides being a talented guitarist, he is a good musician who understands which sounds and parts a song needs. He is critical as any artist should be, but he can also just play what is asked of him. He is a laid-back person, has a great sense of humor and is sympathetic and trustworthy. Great guy!”

Minco Eggersman


"This guy has the skills to play what I have in mind (I wish I had that). He’s like an old soul in a new body … excellent!"